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Did You Know Seniors Are Advised to Play Games?

lady and old man playing games

“And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to hold hands and stick together.” — Robert Fulghum, author

Just because seniors have already reached their golden years, that does not mean they should also stop having fun. Every senior, whether they have an illness, disability, difficulty with mobility, or problem with old age, is advised to play brain games. No worries! It does not require them to move around like teenagers do. It does not matter whether they are lying in bed or sitting in their comfy chair, they can still play games.

Playing brain games is not just about having fun or avoiding boredom. When seniors play, they are required to think. That means they are using their minds, which is a big factor in boosting their ability to remember and think rationally. Apart from boosting their mental health, games can also help seniors learn something new, take an ongoing challenge, enhance existing or new skill, and it’s also rewarding.

Here are some common brain games your senior loved ones will surely enjoy:

  • Online Brain Sharpeners
    1. ThirdAge Games
    2. BrainCurls
    3. Sharp Brains Brain Teasers and Games
    4. Grandparents Games
    5. Braingle
    6. Fit Brains
    7. Games – Grandma Faith’s Website
    8. Brain Bashers
    9. Strategy Games
    10. Games for the Brain
  • Classic Games Online
    1. Free Online Backgammon Game
    3. Simon Says
    4. Chinese Checkers
    5. Internet Scrabble Club
    6. Tetris
    7. Online Checkers
    8. Bridge Base Online
    9. Breakout
    10. Solitaire
  • Puzzles and Word Games
    1. LA Times Daily Crossword
    3. Classic New York Times Crossword Puzzle
    4. Free Online Word Search Puzzles
    5. The Letterbox Game
    6. Online Sudoku
    7. A Game A Day
    8. Puzzability Sampler
    9. The Word Playground
    10. Word Games
  • Board, Card, and Strategy Games
    1. Scrabble
    2. Dominos
    3. Checkers
    4. Gin Rummy
    5. Chess
    6. Hearts
    7. Chinese Checkers
    8. Spades
    9. Mahjong
    10. Bridge
  • Other Fun and Brain-Stimulating Activities
    1. Surf the internet
    2. Juggle
    3. Practice using your memory
    4. Study a foreign language
    5. Journal
    6. Read
    7. Doodle
    8. Write down dreams
    9. Music
    10. Laugh

Don’t let old age, illness, or disability hinder your senior loved ones from achieving a healthy, comfortable, and happy lifestyle. With these games above, you and your loved ones will surely have a good time together.

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