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Caregiving 101: Mistakes You Should and Must Avoid

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“Love seeks one thing only; the good of the one loved. It leaves all the other secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward.” — Thomas Merton, Trappist monk

One of the most challenging and daunting jobs one can have in the healthcare industry is CAREGIVING. Taking care of a senior loved one is not a trial and error where you can try again after you have already carelessly hurt them due to your incapability of handling a patient. Seniors are not a thing where you can do some experiments and try out your new idea. They are fragile. They are prone to vulnerability be it physical, mental, and emotional. That means caregiving should and must be delivered with proper guidance, knowledge, caution, and with the right equipment.

If you are a primary or a family caregiver, it is crucial for you to know at least the basics of delivering proper care services. This is to ensure that there will be visible improvements in their health. However, if this is your first time in delivering care services to your loved ones, then it is best for you to know the caregiving mistakes you should and must avoid to prevent any harm.

DIY Caregiving
As mentioned, you need the right knowledge for you to be able to deliver care services effectively. Don’t do caregiving on your own without any idea about its process. Ask help. If no one can help you at home, then do some research. There are few step-by-step processes you can follow to ensure you’re doing it the right way.

Failure to Plan
As a family caregiver, you want nothing but the best care option for your senior loved ones. That means planning ahead for a long-term care should be your top priority. Failure to plan means you don’t care enough about their well-being.

Simple mistakes can lead to a major disaster. That is why when it comes to caregiving, you must avoid these common mistakes mentioned above at all cost.

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