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Arthritis Care

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Your Mom’s or Dad’s heart aches to run after those energetic grandkids, work in the garden or play a round of golf with their buddies.

But the ache in their joints throbs stronger, keeping them from acting on those desires, and possibly from completing daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, cooking, writing or driving. Arthritis pain, though treatable, requires proper management.

Combined with the appropriate medication prescribed by a doctor, lifestyle enhancements encouraged and assisted by caregivers employed by On Call Care Services, LLC, we can help your loved one best cope with arthritis and experience a higher quality of life.

A Way to Get Moving Again

Caregivers specialize in engaging clients in a variety of activities to make living with arthritis more manageable, while allowing them to maintain their independence. These activities can include:

  • Swimming, walking, Tai Chi, or other moderate, low-impact physical activities as recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to minimize the symptoms of arthritis
  • Socializing, pursuing hobbies or engaging in other pleasurable activities to lift one’s spirits and draw focus away from the pain
  • Assistance with household chores, errands and tasks of daily living,
  • Preparation of well-balanced meal
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation needs

A caregiver’s assistance will not only help lessen the direct symptoms of arthritis, but it will allow your loved one to reduce other factors that worsen the pain, such as stress, over-exertion, fatigue and anxiety. With the support of a caregiver, those with arthritis can bring their condition under control, reclaim their life and get moving again.

Staying Active

Staying active presents a major challenge, not just to those with arthritis, but to the majority of seniors. Yet staying active is the key to warding off some of aging adults’ biggest fears, such as loss of independence, declining health, not being able to live at home, and an inability to manage daily tasks of living. Inactivity can lead to downward spiral of poor health resulting in frailty, a condition described by doctors as a syndrome of weakness, fatigue and declining physical activity that may be triggered by physiological changes or chronic disease states such as that of arthritis.

Because staying active is so important to seniors’ well-being and quality of life, our caregivers, help seniors stay mentally and physically active, as well as emotionally engaged.

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