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In what areas are your services available?
Our main service area for Medicaid services is JACKSON, CASS, PLATTE & CLAY Kansas City Missouri Area. For private pay Clients we service all of Kansas city, Kansas and Kansas City Missouri. We have cargivers availabe in these areas to provide services to you when you need it.
Who needs In-Home care?
People who live alone and need additional help with their daily living activities and want to stay at home rather than being institutionalized or live with relatives. In other cases, it could be people whose family caregiver needs a respite or time off from their caregiving responsibilities.
What is “caregiver burnout”?
Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude – from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned. Burnout can occur when caregivers (usually a family member) don’t get the help they need, or if they try to do more than they are able. Caregivers who are “burned out” may experience fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and loss of work.
How do you select your caregivers?

On Call Care Services prides itself on having the finest quality of compasionate caregivers. At On Call Care Services, we understand that our distinguished clientele require only the best quality of care for their loved ones and we guarantee each client that we will meet that expectation.

Only those caregivers who are a precise fit for the detailed On Call Care Services employee requirements and company culture are hired. All of our caregivers are carefully interviewed, screened, and backgound checked prior to becoming part of the On Call Care Services family. All our caregivers are fully bonded and insured through our corporate insurance policies.

Many of our caregivers are Certified Nurse Assistants and/or Certified Home Health Aides. Some caregivers have bachelors degrees in healthcare fields. In addition, attention is given to the overall peronality of the caregiver during the hiring process. Only those caregivers with that special “soft touch” sensitive type of personality are considered for hiring.

How long does it take to get a caregiver?

That depends on your schedule. We will meet with you for an initial interview to assess your needs. After we fully understand what you are looking for, we can place a caregiver within a very short period of time (usually within 24hrs). We are continuously interviewing, qualifying, and training caregivers to be sure we can meet your particular needs.

What if my caregiver is sick or goes on vacation?
We have a large staff of 24/7 accessible caregivers that are ready on at moments notice in case of sickness or emergency. We certainly receive advanced notice of any vacation requests, so that is not usually an issue.
Can I meet the caregiver in advance?
Of course. Part of our service is being able to match the right caregiver with the personality of your loved one. We cover this topic during the initial interview so we can get a head start on selecting the right caregiver. We are very good at building relationships!
Who pays the caregiver and how do they get paid?
If you are a Medicad Elligible Client? we would bill Medicaid. For Private Pay clients We simply invoice you for the services rendered and we take care of paying the caregivers, along with the legally required liability insurance, bonding, workers compensation, employer and employee taxes, benefits, and other administrative costs required for having a caregiver in your home – allowing you and your loved one to just relax and enjoy the professional caring services and companionship of our caregivers. All caregivers are employees of On Call Care Services, LLC.
Why should I use your service instead of someone in the newspaper?
There are multiple reasons why going with our service is preferable
How much does it cost?
Each patient has a unique set of care needs and therefore the exact cost of care must be determined after an initial free in-home care consultation with one of our case managers. We can tell you, however, that our rates are always below the average going market prices due to our low overhead business model. Please give us a call or simply contact us online and one of our client care managers will contact you soon to discuss our services.

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Service Areas Covered:

Under Our Medicaid Program We Serve Four Counties: Jackson, Cass, Clay and Platte.

Under Our Private Pay Program, Our Service Area Covers all of Missouri and Kansas.

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