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Consumer Directed Services

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The Consumer Directed Services program (CDS) is available for Missouri Medicaid eligible persons with physical disabilities.

(In this program the family member is allowed to care for that family member and get paid)

This program empowers the consumer to hire a personal care attendant to assist in their activities of daily living. CDS is funded by Medicaid and there is NO expense to be incurred by the consumer.

Who Is Eligible For CDS?

Eligibility requirements for CDS are:

  • Missouri Medicaid eligible
  • Physically disabled
  • Mentally capable of making decisions regarding both your health care and your employer responsibilities
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Score at least 21 points on a needs assessment performed by DHSS

Through Missouri Medicaid Consumer Directed Services, you can:

  • Direct your own care
  • Hire and train your own attendant
  • Receive support and training from On Call Care Services
  • Receive a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your care needs through DHSS

caregiver and patient smilingHow Does CDS Work?

The Missouri Centers for Independent Living, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, administer the program. The philosophy of the Center for Independent Living is consumer controlled, community based options that promote independence for persons with physical disabilities.

Some persons with disabilities require assistance with the activities of daily living to live independently within their communities. Until 1999, these people had limited options, such as dependency upon family members, placement in institutional settings, or paying for these types of services funded with federal and state monies. This allows the redirection of Medicaid dollars for in-home, consumer directed services, eliminating the necessity of placement in residential facilities due to lack of options.

Self-Directed Services

Being on a consumer controlled- personal attendance services program gives the person with a disability control over their own life. To do this, the person with a disability actually becomes the employer and hires their own personal attendant. The attendant’s job description can include housekeeping, laundry, cooking and personal care.

Under this model, our agency honors the principle of choice by allowing the service recipient to identify and refer for hiring, the individuals they want to work as their caregivers, and/or by involving the service recipient more directly in interviewing and selecting their caregivers from a pool of potential workers provided by the agency. Training in the philosophy of self-direction is often available and attendants are expected to respect the preferences of the individuals they serve. Consideration is also given in the scheduling of the caregiver, which is the responsibility of the agency, as is the provision for back-up services. However, the caregiver is an employee of an agency which means the agency is responsible for his or her hiring, training, monitoring and dismissal.

For example, in addition to choosing employees / caregivers, service recipients may schedule workers, train employees, and manage back-up supports. The agency provides tools, materials, and safety mechanisms to meet the needs of each service recipient, as well as maintains documentation of each necessary service recipient and caregiver qualification.

On Call Care Services will be happy to help you set up your own CDS plan. Contact us today.

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