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The Vital Role of Music in a Senior’s Life

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“Music’s the medicine of the mind.” — John A. Logan

Imagine life without music. It’s dull, sad, full of regrets, and you just can’t go on in life without it. One thing is for sure, we need music in our lives. Music is for everybody – it has been a part of our lives. We listen to songs that hold meaning to us. Whenever we are sad, we play songs that could possibly reflect how unhappy we are, and whenever we’re happy, we play upbeat songs that inspire us even more in life.

Listening to good music is scientifically proven to enhance a person’s mood, making him or her perform better in life. How much more when seniors listen to good music? Did you know that apart from the caregiver’s expertise in providing care services, listening to good music is one of the best ways to treat any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues in your senior loved ones’ life?

Although there are hundreds to thousands of reasons why music is beneficial to human beings, we have just listed the top ten reasons why listening to good music is vital in seniors’ life:

  • Music makes seniors happier
  • Music lowers stress and improves health
  • Music reduces depression
  • Music boosts memory
  • Music relaxes patients before/after surgery
  • Music reduces pain
  • Music helps Alzheimer’s patients remember
  • Music improves recovery in stroke patients
  • Music keeps your brain healthy in senior years
  • Music brings a positive outlook on life

Grab your MP3 now and listen to good music with your senior loved ones!

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