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Simple Ways to Boost Senior’s Self-Esteem


Self-esteem is a reflection of an individual’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his/her own worth. It is how you see yourself. Just like young adults, seniors have self-esteem too. They can be motivated to do and accomplish their day-to-day activities. Not to mention, their willingness to embrace their golden years. However, because of their limitations due to aging, they may not be able to carry on their tasks accordingly, which leads to their feelings of dismay and disappointment.

Apart from their health, seniors can also be emotionally vulnerable. That means what they see or hear from their surroundings can affect them emotionally. If you want to help them boost their self-esteem, make sure to do these simple tips below.

  • Give Compliments
    Even something as simple as giving them compliments can already boost senior’s self-esteem. Let them know that their efforts are well-appreciated. With this, they will be more motivated in doing their tasks better.
  • Engage in Social Activities
    Socialization is a good way to find companionship and friendship with others. This is also one way to prevent them from feeling anxious and isolated. They can engage in social activities such as volunteering, exercise classes, and church groups.
  • Connect Them with Family
    A family brings a great impact in boosting senior’s self-esteem. Through their love, support, and care, they can assure that there is someone who would back them up in times they need them the most. Show them that you care about them, you don’t know how much it means to them.
  • Promote Independence
    Aging is not a hindrance to being an independent individual. However, because there are just times where aging limits seniors from doing simple things, it damages their self-esteem. To bring back their confidence in themselves, make sure to focus on allowing them to have freedom as much as they possibly could. Encourage them to do whatever task they want to do.

Another way to boost their self-esteem is through enrolling them in a home healthcare industry such as On Call Services LLC where they are given the right blend of caregiving and socializing. With our skilled and competent professionals, you can assure that your senior loved ones will receive the utmost care and attention they need. Entrust not just their health but their overall well-being as well. To know more about us, call 816-569-5470 for inquiries.

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